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[The Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan] is compliant with the [World Bank] Operational Directive 4.20 and consistent with the best international practices.

AEA international consulting company, independent consultant of creditors of the Second Phase of Sakhalin 2 Project.
October 2007


This section presents the external monitor’s first report of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan (SIMDP).

The reports cover the life of the SIMDP and are regularly prepared by Gregory E. Guldin, an international expert in Indigenous Peoples, and is a Doctor in Anthropology, who has decades of work experience in the sphere of applied anthropology within the public and private sectors in the USA, Russia, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Second external monitor report SIMDP-3, December 2017

First external monitor report SIMDP-3, December 2016 


Fifth SIMDP 2 External Monitor Report

Fourth SIMDP 2 External Monitor Report

Third SIMDP 2 External Monitor Report

Second SIMDP 2 External Monitor Report

External monitor inception report (April 2011)

SIMDP 1 External Monitor Reports

Midterm evalution report, October 2013

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Received the main award in the all-Russian Corporate Philanthropy Leaders contest in nomination The Best Programme for Corporate Philanthropy Policy and CompanyТs Social Investments Principles

Winner of Vitus Bering International Award

Winner of social investments contest УCorporate Donor of Russia Ц 2008Ф

First prize at the Far Eastern International Festival of Indigenous People