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It is recommended to actively implement and promote the model of interaction under the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan, being jointly implemented by the Sakhalin Oblast Administration, Sakhalin Energy and the Regional Council of Authorised Representatives of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities.

From the recommendations for state authorities in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation based on the results of parliamentary hearings of the Federation Council Committee on Northern Territories and Indigenous Minorities, 02 October 2008.

Social Development Programme

The Social Development Programme was shaped over the course of consultations with representatives of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities and experts of regional authorities of the Sakhalin Oblast. Given the overall reduction across all social indicators, the meetings identified the key problems which became components of the Social Development Programme for 2006-2010 were formed.
Programme goals:

  • raising the living standards of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities with due regard to their cultural specifics;
  • developing the potential of communities and individual representatives of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities through their active involvement in the implementation of the Development Plan and drafting of similar plans in the future.

Programme components

  • Healthcare

Projects aimed at keeping the population health: financial aid to pay for eye surgeries, dentures, hearing aids; helping students from the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities in getting medical degrees; buying medical equipment for rural paramedical and obstetrical stations in order to improve medical services for the local population, and other projects.

  • Education

Projects aimed at supporting young representatives of the indigenous minorities pursuing education at institutions of higher, secondary specialised or basic (vocational) education. Full-time and part-time studies. Supporting projects of summer recreation for children, meant to improve their health and involve them in national sports; funding the purchase of school furniture to improve accommodation at boarding schools and kindergartens.

  • Culture

Projects aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities: financing seminars and conferences on the problems of preserving and developing the Sakhalin languages; publishing albums, ABCs, books, postcards in order to preserve the unique cultural diversity of the indigenous minorities; providing assistance with rites, celebrations, competitions and participation in festivals (Moscow, Khabarovsk); improving the material and technical resources of the municipal Local Lore Museum; buying modern equipment for rural libraries.

  • Training/Potential Development

Projects aimed at facilitating active involvement of indigenous minorities representatives in the region social life, raising self-awareness and a sense of own identity, legal awareness, developing and reinforcing public organisations and expanding their cooperation with regional and national public organisations.
Proposals for the Social Development Programme are accepted between 01 October of the current year and 01 February of next year and implemented by 15 December of each year.

Form for submitting proposals for the Social Development Programme

Provision on Financial Support of Student Projects in the Education and Healthcare Components of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan 

Provision on the Criteria for Selecting Participants for the Student Support Programme as Part of the Stimulating ScholarshipProject of the Education Component of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan

Provision on the Social Development Programmes Committee

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