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International Financial Corporation (World Bank subdivision focusing on the private sector) on the preparation of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan:

Since most consultations took place during the winter months, a special focus was on enabling the most disadvantaged members of the local community, such as senior citizens, to attend. Vehicles were provided to those who needed them, and younger community members escorted the elderly. Where possible, the consultations were timed to start after the end of the days fishing trips. Time was allocated for the participants to share their problems and concerns. The organisers made sure that all those present were treated respectfully, and efforts were made to reach a consensus. As a result, the meetings turned out extremely long, but people felt that their presence mattered.

See International Finance Corporation. Stakeholder Engagement: A Good Practice Handbook for Companies Doing Business in Emerging Markets 

General Statute of the Plan

The Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan is a tripartite programme which is jointly implemented by Sakhalin Energy as the operator of the Sakhalin II oil and gas project, the Sakhalin Oblast Government, and the Regional Council of Authorised Representatives of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities. This five-year Plan is the second one from among similar plans expected to run throughout the entire duration of the Sakhalin II Project.

Key objectives of the Development Plan are:

  • input to the improvement of the quality of life of the Sakhalin indigenous minorities through the benefits derived from the project — social development programmes prepared taking into account  cultural features and sustainable development requirements;
  • development of the potential of communities and individual representatives of the Sakhalin indigenous minorities, contributing to their active involvement in the Plan implementation management and in any subsequent development and implementation of similar social, cultural, and economic plans;
  • assistance in preparation of the Sakhalin indigenous minorities for a potential subsequent establishment of an independent Indigenous Minorities Development Fund; and
  • prevention or mitigation of any existing or potential adverse impacts of the Sakhalin II Project oil and gas infrastructure operations on indigenous minorities with account of environmental requirements.

The Development Plan activities are carried out in the following areas:

  • Social Development Fund;
  • Traditional Economic Activities Support Programme.

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Received the main award in the all-Russian Corporate Philanthropy Leaders contest in nomination The Best Programme for Corporate Philanthropy Policy and Companys Social Investments Principles

Winner of Vitus Bering International Award

Winner of social investments contest Corporate Donor of Russia 2008

First prize at the Far Eastern International Festival of Indigenous People